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Some people will make a call in the heat of the moment or to get an upper hand in a family law situation. Regardless of the reasoning, it is very likely someone will be arrested — even if the victim doesn't want that.

Generally speaking, if an officer shows up to a scene on a domestic disturbance call and someone has a mark on them — and often when they don't — someone is going to jail. It is extremely easy to be arrested for domestic violence, and extremely important that you retain legal counsel quickly.

While a first-time domestic battery charge is a misdemeanor, you will lose the right to own a firearm if convicted and an order of protection may be set up. A second domestic violence charge is a felony, and if it is a first-time charge with great bodily harm it is also a felony. If there is any evidence of choking in a charge, it is an automatic felony.

Prompt And Responsive Criminal Defense Is Here

Domestic violence cases present unique and difficult issues. Because of the ease with which one can be charged with domestic violence and the extreme severity of violet crimes, it is absolutely crucial to protect your rights by reaching out to an attorney.

I will begin building the case for negotiation or court from the moment that you contact my office. By leveraging my comprehensive investigation and discovery skills with my ability to negotiate, I will do everything I can to reach a best possible outcome through dismissal or a plea. I encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

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