Fighting Back Against Arrest Tactics In Drug Trafficking Investigations

Drug trafficking arrests in Henry County on Interstate 80 and Interstate 88 are at an all-time high. Each arrest is nearly identical:

  • Law enforcement stops a car for a minor traffic violation.
  • The law enforcement officer tells the driver to come to the squad car so that he or she can write a warning ticket.
  • While the ticket is being written, a K9 unit may arrive at the scene or the officer may ask for permission to search the vehicle.
  • If the driver declines, the police officer will proceed with the search on the basis that he or she has probable cause to do so.
  • If drugs are found in the car, the driver will be charged with drug trafficking.

If you have been charged with drug trafficking of pot or cocaine in Henry County, you need an experienced drug crime defense attorney on your side. Depending on the weight and type of drug, you could be facing up to 45 years in prison.

Protecting Your Rights Against Drug Trafficking Charges

My name is Daniel P. Dalton, and I started my law firm Law Office of Daniel P. Dalton, P.C., in 2006 and have handled numerous drug trafficking cases in Henry County. I am keenly aware of the tactics that law enforcement officers use when making these arrests. Contact me at 309-517-6495 to discuss your case with me during a free consultation.

When you hire me to represent you, I will immediately file motions to preserve crucial evidence such as the dash cam video taken by the police officer and all radio communications made before and during your arrest. This evidence can be used to prove that the law enforcement officer did not have probable cause to make the initial stop or to search your vehicle.

If there is compelling evidence against you, I will go into negotiation mode with the prosecutor. My goal is to arrange a plea bargain that is less than the minimum sentence. However, if the plea bargain is unreasonable, I will put my extensive knowledge of criminal law to work for you at trial as I vigorously protect your rights and freedom.

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