Experienced Defense For Serious Federal Drug Crime Charges

If you have been charged with a federal drug crime, you are facing an uphill battle. The penalties are harsh, and the federal government has unlimited access to sophisticated resources to help it build a strong case against you. You don't want to fight this battle without an experienced lawyer on your side.

I am Daniel P. Dalton, and I founded my firm Law Office of Daniel P. Dalton, P.C., in 2006. I provide vigorous defense for individuals who have been charged with federal drug crimes in and around Quad Cities, Rock Island County, Henry County, Mercer County and Knox County.

If you are being investigated or you have been charged with a federal drug crime in Illinois, it is in your best interests to seek skilled legal counsel before speaking with the police. Contact me at 309-517-6495 for immediate representation. I can also be reached on my after-hours mobile at 309-738-3945.

Experience To Handle The Most Complex Cases

The federal courts handle drug crimes much differently than the state courts. Sentencing is not only stricter, it also carries harsh mandatory minimum prison sentences and substantial fines. Additionally, federal drug cases typically involve a snitch who agrees to name all of the people involved in exchange for a lower sentence.

I have the experience and resources to represent you in any type of federal drug charge, including:

I will analyze your arrest records and any evidence against you while creating the strongest defense possible. As a former engineer, I have an eye for detail, making me particularly skilled at identifying errors in police procedure such as illegal search and seizure. If law enforcement failed to read you your rights or made errors, I will file motions to have illegally obtained evidence suppressed and fight to have your charges dropped or reduced. I will vigorously fight for your rights at every stage of your case, from the negotiation table to the courtroom.

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To discuss your case with an experienced lawyer in a free consultation, call me at 309-517-6495 or 309-517-6496 . You may also contact me online. If your matter is urgent and my office is closed, you may call me on my after-hours mobile at 309-738-3945. I offer competitive flat-fee rates.