Driving With A Suspended Or Revoked License In Illinois

If you are convicted of driving on a revoked license you will be significantly fined and your revocation will be significantly increased and the reapplication process will be significantly more difficult. That said, it is situationally dependent.

A conviction for driving on a revoked license can present much more significant issues if the license revocation due to a DUI. For example, a first offense for driving on a revoked license due to a DUI will result in a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 10 days.

Skill In Negotiation That Can Make A Difference

Because of the nuances, complexities and unique situations that these criminal defense cases present, it is of utmost importance to retain counsel to protect your ability to drive, your record and your financial well-being.

Because of my extensive experience working on DUI cases, I am ideally prepared to work on any revoked license issue. If I am unable to reach a dismissal, I will work with the prosecution to do everything I can to mitigate any consequences and not add any time to your license revocation. These issues, however, must be addressed in a timely way. Failure to do so can have serious consequences. I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

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