How Do You Know If Your Stop Was Lawful?

In order for you to be successfully convicted of a DUI, your stop and arrest must have been lawful. If it is possible to demonstrate that your rights were violated during any point, it is possible to get the charge dismissed outright.

First and foremost, it is important to realize that in order to be pulled over, a police officer needs to have some sort of traffic infraction; Illinois state police are required to videotape all stops. This means that it will be documented how and why they pulled you over.

You do not have to consent to the field sobriety tests, but if you do consent, and the officers made any mistake while administering a field sobriety test, the results can be challenged.

If you have been charged with any DUI and you believe your stop may have been unlawful, get in touch with counsel as soon as possible and protect your rights.

Having worked on DUI cases for years, I am ready to bring my comprehensive experience and knowledge to help you reach a best possible outcome in any DUI case. I will subpoena and review all evidence against you. If there is absolutely any doubt as to the legitimacy of the stop, I will aggressively attack the prosecution's case in pursuit of justice. Get in touch as soon as possible.

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