What Happens When I Receive A Statutory Summary Suspension?

A significant consequence of a DUI is the Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS). In practice, the SSS is a loss of a license 45 days following DUI test results over 0.08 or after a refusal to submit to the tests. A driver will face a minimum of a six-month license suspension with an SSS, and at least a year for a refusal to submit. The SSS is separate from the criminal charge, and the state has a very low bar in meeting the criteria for suspending the license.

Depending on the circumstances of your charge and arrest, it may be possible to deal the SSS away, but it requires the expertise of an experienced lawyer. Contact my office today for the strong defense you need.

I have worked on hundreds of SSS cases in my years of practice on DUI cases. I will work directly with you to understand the circumstances of your DUI case. From there, I will develop a strategy to best address your charges in a way that preserves your lifestyle as best as possible; if it is impossible to reach a dismissal in the SSS case and I can deal it away, I will do that.

In certain cases, although they are rare, a SSS can be dismissed on a clerical error. Additionally, I may be able to use the information in the SSS case to defend on the criminal side of things.

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