An Experienced Moline Lawyer Handling DUI Probation Violations

Violation of a DUI probation is a serious issue and can unleash a torrent of consequences. If you have violated the terms of your court supervision or probation, the end result will be revocation of court supervision (making it impossible to keep a DUI off your record) or a revocation of your probation, which can result in additional fines and/or jail.

Even if you are completely sober but you are driving on a revoked license that you lost because of a DUI (even if you are off probation) you will face a mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail. Depending on the circumstances, driving when your license has been revoked because of a DUI may also result in a felony charge.

Suppressing Evidence And Other Defense Tactics

If you partner with an experienced attorney, there may be a way out. In addition to attacking a stop on grounds of probable cause, if one can show that someone did not have time or money to complete conditions of probation, a prosecutor may negotiate if you can demonstrate a willingness and dedication to completing probation conditions.

For years, I have worked on these cases, both winning dismissals and favorable negotiations for clients. If you are dealing with a probation violation issue, I encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Violation Of Probation Or License Revocation Issue? Contact A DUI Probation Violation Attorney.

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