About Attorney Daniel P. Dalton

I am Daniel P. Dalton, and I founded my Quad Cities, Illinois, law firm in 2006. As a former engineer and an experienced attorney, I have a keen eye for detail, which allows me to readily identify police errors and other rights violations. With this information at my fingertips, I can exploit weaknesses in the prosecution's case to get my clients' charges dropped or reduced. However, if your case goes to trial, you can count on me for thorough and vigorous defense in the courtroom.

I am here to help you no matter what kind of criminal offense you are facing. Learn more about my career experience by following the link below or contact me directly to set up an appointment.

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To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Moline lawyer, contact me online or call 309-517-6495 or 309-517-6496 . If your matter is urgent and my office is closed, you may call my after-hours mobile at 309-738-3945.